The WEGGtune is an innovative audio and video broadcasting device invented by Channa Perera and developed in partnership with Dell® and Shuttle®.

Beyond the sound or visual identity it offers, you’ll be able, thanks to the Weggtune, to have a controlled and unified management by simultaneously broadcasting the same content in all your points of sales. This will assure you an appropriate ambience to your business.

The refinement of our tailored sound design will reflects the identity of your brand.

For this, we work with our clients to achieve these goals, by considering a global approach while respecting the local characteristics of their brand.

  • Operates 24/7 without internet,
  • Recovery warranty for software operation up to H+1 and D+1 for hardware in the world,
  • Musics, videos and images are broadcast in all your points of sales worldwide and synchronized,
  • Controlled and unified management for your marketing campaigns all around the world…